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GO GO WOAH! by RyoTazi GO GO WOAH! :iconryotazi:RyoTazi 500 16 Second Manga - Page 14 by SunyFan Second Manga - Page 14 :iconsunyfan:SunyFan 54 17 Second Manga - Page 13 by SunyFan Second Manga - Page 13 :iconsunyfan:SunyFan 41 2 Second Manga - Page 12 by SunyFan Second Manga - Page 12 :iconsunyfan:SunyFan 43 5
Revenge,lust and Anger part 5 - Six/Rex
When Six was in the hospital many doctors had to
help with the gun shot wounds,as Six was in so much pain
trying to fight to survive for his lover ''Rex'' saying in
his unconscious state ''I am so sorry R..Rex.''
Tears came running down Six's face,Doctors took out the bullets as
one was deep in his stomach then the other was in his left
They quickly sewed it together,then wrapped bandages around the sewed area.
As the doctors finished up,he gave Six pain medication though Iv's to stop the pain
for awhile.
The doctors allowed the teenager Rex in since now he had his wounds fixed.
Rex walked in and grabbed Six's hand softly. ''I'm here Six no matter what,i won't
leave your side until you feel better.'' He had teary eyes as he looked at him.
Six softly smiled at him. ''I k..know Rex and i'm glad to know that you love me
that much to not give up on me.''
He slowly sat up,then brought
Rex to him kissing him
passiontly with his warm soft lips.
Rex closed his eyes,as he did that.
He gave
:iconcielphantomhivex1:CielPhantomhivex1 1 0
Mature content
Revenge,lust and anger //Six and Rex\ part 3 :iconcielphantomhivex1:CielPhantomhivex1 1 3
Revenge lust and anger part 2 ||Rex x Six||
Six turned Rex around making the teenager face him not understanding what was wrong with his partner Agent Six
then out of nowhere he felt Six's arms around him,with him kissing the teenager when he was about to talk and
tongue kissing beginning not giving the teenager a chance to breath since the agent loved the taste of his mouth,
with the teenager
trying to tell him to stop ''Mmmmm!'' cause he couldn't breath,then Agent Six would listen stopping now and chuckled into
his ear making the teenager's face light up really red.
Rex then turned his head,crossing his arms and looked embarrassed,then began to say ''Six,stop with this please.''
He said.
Six actually started to love doing this and began to flirt with the teenager ''My dear,Rex you are really cute and
why should i stop?,i really love doing this to you. Since,your my mine and i can do what i wish with you. Even
mess with that body of yours.''He snickered about it making the teenager stood in pure shock.
Rex felt like he couldn't
:iconcielphantomhivex1:CielPhantomhivex1 3 0
Revenge lust and anger ||Rex x Six|| PART 1
The daylight started to shine though the window Of Rex's room with Six looking mad when busted the door wide open
Rex suddently jumped from the noise of the door nearly busted by Six's rage,with the teenager responding ''Six,what's
your problem?! Are you trying to give me a heart attack!'' He said when he got scared by his partner.
Six looked up at him not caring if it scared him,then quickly said. ''Rex,get up you have training to do,no excuses this
time.''He walked out almost like he was saying ''I don't care.''in first thing he told the teenager.
Rex got up pulling his pants on and getting up feeling sad from what Agent Six said to him,then heading toward
the door and opening it.
While Rex was making his way to the training room,he heard White Knight talking to Six about how Rex was immature,reckless
,not close to being perfect for even Six's sake. So he listened to them talk for awhile.
White knight talked on the screen telling Six ''Six,if you fix everything Rex lacks even his imp
:iconcielphantomhivex1:CielPhantomhivex1 5 10
Maya Borderlands 2 by mobilepron
Mature content
Maya Borderlands 2 :iconmobilepron:mobilepron 163 13
Nightmare In Reality by SunyFan Nightmare In Reality :iconsunyfan:SunyFan 139 13 Rex EVO - Animation by SunyFan Rex EVO - Animation :iconsunyfan:SunyFan 106 19 Chatty by Endling Chatty :iconendling:Endling 10,200 337 Curse of the Black Sun by NanoMortis Curse of the Black Sun :iconnanomortis:NanoMortis 4,561 0 Dreamcatcher by Lucky978 Dreamcatcher :iconlucky978:Lucky978 3,907 133 Plan B by Sync-7 Plan B :iconsync-7:Sync-7 1,365 222 Zer0 by Chigiri16 Zer0 :iconchigiri16:Chigiri16 5 2



Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
I WAS a graphic/web designer. At least that's what I studied in college... But I was following someone else's dream. I'm a writer. I'm writing and researching for two fantasy novels. I'm also writing a dream diary, a children's book, and a series of short stories. I love nature photography. I make my own jewelry.

I am currently in school to become a medical secretary. I have straight A's too! I originally wanted to be a surgeon, but I love animals too much to dissect them (even if the ARE already dead). I tend to suffer from depression and I have what my doctors call "Severe ADHD". I can't seem to stay on target for getting published with or without medication. I am looking forward to graduation so I can focus more on getting published. So far my"research score" is 6/20 subjects. The research isn't mandatory. It's fantasy. I could pull things out of my ass and make it sound real. But I want it to be more authentic than that.

Current Residence: The Moon
deviantWEAR sizing preference: ........No
Print preference: ?????
Favourite genre of music: Metal, jazz, classical, opera, dubstep, anything Korean or Japanese
Favourite photographer: Ansel Adams
Favourite style of art: Jewelry making. Its so zen that I can just meditate while doing it.
Operating System: Fuck Macs
MP3 player of choice: iheartradio or youtube. I'm rarely without my computer.
Shell of choice: Turtle XD
Wallpaper of choice: Anything with L Lawliet on it.
Skin of choice: My own.
Favourite cartoon character: L from Death Note
Personal Quote: Nothing is better than being free.
I'm so guilty of this.  I joke around about ADHD and liken it to having my own personal "mind playground".  In many cases this is true.  I have to take a sleeping pill every night because if I didn't, I would never sleep.  I have so many worlds, characters, and just ideas in general swimming around in my mind at night.  It is utter chaos.  I will try to sleep and then I will get caught up in a whirlwind of magic and make believe.  It sounds whimsical and wonderful.  Some days it is.

But there are some days where all I want to do is go out, buy a gun, and blow my brains out.  With ADHD comes very little understanding, people without the condition abusing ADHD medication, many jokes from other people, and severe depression.  When I was in school I was convinced that I was stupid because a boy said "you use Ritalin, you must be stupid".  It didn't even matter that my grades said otherwise.  I thought that I must be stupid.  I couldn't focus or sit still if my life depended on it and to this day, my memory is complete and utter shit.  I'll make a check list but then I forget to look at it for days.  The only reason my bills get paid on time is because I'm so paranoid about forgetting them.  I try to be positive but I always wind up being negative.  I have a very bad temper.  A lot of this can be attributed to ADHD.

ADHD is often missed in adults as it shares so many same traits with depression that the depression will get treated but the ADHD will be completely missed.  In other words, without treating the whole problem, you're just covering it up.  You may as well take a placebo instead of a zoloft.  ADHD is made fun of, misunderstood, and over diagnosed to the point where of financial/work place assistance for it, there often isn't any to be had.  No one sees it as a disease.  They see it as someone who is lazy yet hyper and immature.  Considering ADHD can sometimes be misdiagnosed as BRAIN DAMAGE, I'd say that that's a pretty real and serious disease.

ADHD can impede upon one's ability to form lasting relationships romantic or otherwise.  This is incredibly painful for all who are involved, especially the person with ADHD as we're usually the ones who are dumped.  ADHD includes impulse control.  We can's shut our mouths and often cheat on our lovers.  ADHD increases the likeliness that the victim will become addicted to drugs, alcohol, gambling, etc.  My addiction?  Writing and the internet.  It's so bad that I come home right after work and get on my computer.  It's so bad that I will feel anxiety if I am not on my computer.  I'm amazed that I have the self-control to keep from surfing the internet at work.

Depression truly does cause physical pain.  When I'm happy I'm on the top of the world and so damn hyper it isn't funny.  When I'm depressed I want to curl up and disappear.  I don't even sleep.  I just lay there on the sofa and watch funny videos on youtube, hoping for a laugh, all the while my heart feels like a led weight because I'm suffering from writer's block.  Me!  The woman who needs to take sleeping pills to shut her brain up so she can sleep!

Do I care if you learn anything by my writing this?  No.
Do I expect people to stop taking ADHD as a joke?  Hell, I probably won't even do that!  I just needed to rant.
Will I actually blow my brains out?  Maybe one day...  I'm tired of feeling alone and helpless no matter how proactive I try to be about my ADHD and depression.
What am I doing to help my depression?  Writing, listening to "happy" music, working out, cooking, baking, jewelry making...  I only work part time so I have no insurance.  Obama care and the like is SO over priced in my area that it's just cheaper to take the fine.
Do I want attention/sympathy?  Not particularly, but I am on a soap box.  I'm going to get off now because my ass hurts, part of the fun of being part Japanese and not having an ass...
  • Listening to: Jean Sibelius
  • Reading: My Novel
  • Watching: Food Network
  • Playing: Borderlands 2
  • Eating: Sushi
  • Drinking: Green Tea


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I'm sorry, but I have to close KougaTintinFC. :( It's every difficult desision, but I at least it's sensible. It doens't have members and popularity enough. I'm really thankful you have had fun and enyoied yourself.

I wish you good day. :)

CielPhantomhivex1 Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2015  Professional Filmographer
Hey buddy. How is everything? I'm getting better at my video editing. I got Six/Rex videos up and about. You don't have to worry about them not being much on YouTube anymore. Also i made a new ship known as  Instinct-shipping. Between Darkar/Valtor. Both evil,both are power hungry. But misunderstood.
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Sorry that i been busy. A lot of things happened. And i was on vacation to get away from my family.

I was well with my mom. We had fun and everything.
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Many thanks for the :+fav: on Assassin Trapped in a Box - Sk.

Glad you liked it :la:
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Hello. We never got to talk. I made the epic roleplay ever with Six and Rex. Were feels are felt and happy tears are there. So i did a banner off the couple. I know i don't own them. But thank you for loving my ideas and banners. Your like my best friend here. 
I-AM-FINALLY-FREE Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
La la la la Tackling hug

You made a roleplay?!  That sounds amazing!  Best friends!  Woo!
CielPhantomhivex1 Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2014  Professional Filmographer
Oh yes i did! ^^ Also thank you. And awwww. x3
I-AM-FINALLY-FREE Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
That's so cool!  What was the plot (if there was any...)?
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